It's time for Futanari, Love & Chocolate's Official Release! There's just something about cute girls with massive dongs... download your free copy of the book here.
What happens when you put a futanari girl in desperate need of a release in an elevator with two perverted friends? Special comic preview!
Here's a preview for Ecchi-Star's next picture, the first in a series of "Smash Beach" bikini pinups, starting with SSBU LTTP Zelda!
Limited edition print run. 13"x19" Premium Glossy Photo Paper with Archival Quality Inks, signed by Ecchi-Star!
Detail shots from “Screw Attack Trainer". Wearing a modified Zero Suit, Samus from Metroid bends over and readies herself...
This week, we unveil our contributions to the Futanari Love & Chocolate art collaboration, in which Western and Eastern artists come together to create beautiful futanari girls!
Baker Macadam Mia Nutte and her devoted fan Debrika celebrate their love with chocolates, a delicious three-tier wedding cake, and some creamy futanari fun.
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Meat Maid Mila returns in a new adult comic installment of Mila Minis by Tentacle Monster Chu! Plus, new pinup by Mina Cream featuring Rosalina from Mario Galaxy.
Debrika lays on silky sheets and plays with her large cock while eating chocolates. Part of the Futanari Love & Chocolate collab project!
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In the dim cyberpunk future where life is cheap, sex doll Magi sells herself on the flesh market, but a murder is afoot. Special comic preview!
Up close and personal with Felicia's sudsy feline body as she gets clean in the bath, from her smiling face, to cute paws and soapy backside!
For our next project, we're taking part in HutanariC's Futanari Love & Chocolate Art Collaboration. The themes are: chocolate, couples, and love. Take a peek.
Meat Maid Mila works at a seaside tavern serving rowdy adventurers meat, mead, and more...Special comic preview!
Blushing, Rosalina shrugs the bra straps off her shoulders, revealing her round breasts, and pulls down her white panties... "Please, I have a request..."
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"Prepare for trouble..." Stretching her arms over her head, Jessie's white top pulls up, showing off a substantial amount of underboob. Plus sfw, bikini, and nude versions.
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